Target ad shows Wii price cut?


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Feb 7, 2007
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Apparently now Target is jumping on the wagon to price cut the wii to $199

heres the info
They've said they're staying the course, have said that they don't need to go the way of the price cut like Microsoft and Sony. And yet the price cut rumors continue to hound the Wii, this time, with a supposed leaked ad from Target.

As you can see from the blurry image above, the Wii looks to be getting ready to sport a really friendly price tag of US$ 199.99 from its current price of US$ 249.99. How much of this price cut will drive up the Wii's sales? Will they be able to meet their year-end sales goals guaranteed? How much of a shortage are we gonna experience this holiday season?

All that and more, we'll have to wait and see till it happens. In the meantime, we need Nintendo to confirm this rumor.

heres the link

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