The countdown continues, we're down to III


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Feb 7, 2007
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Square Enix has everyone talking once again with a new teaser site. It's got the usual countdown and it seems to be clocking down the days until we all get an answer - unless we get yet another countdown after that.

What we have now is a big roman numeral indicating a number of days. What for remains to be seen. As of writing time, the clock reads "III days." What got people all worked up was when the teaser showed "VII days," and when Square Enix posts anything "VII" on the internet, you bet fanboys are gonna wet their pants.

Square Enix already said that Advent Children Complete is the end of the Final Fantasy VII universe, well at least for now. That was just almost four months ago, so it's likely they won't be throwing the towel on that little promise this early.

The teaser isn't very reminiscent of you-know-what-#7 either. The mythical remake does not appear to be entering the realms of reality just yet. For now, let's just watch the clock wind down until it reveals what this is all about.

heres the link

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