The Hub : A 24/7 Animal Crossing Town

I know its been a while but is The Hub still up and running? Getting a DS within 3 weeks and wondering if there was still and interest here.
im not to sure if this is still up and running or not because lately when have played (varrying hours of the day) it has not shown the hub is still online... but i dunno.... if anyone wants to trade friend codes with me feel free to message me or aim me at RmeOFme
Town Details
Town Name : Cheshunt
Character Name : Mitch134 <may change to Terylene>
Fruit : peach
hey BreakPoint. Your hub still running? seems quite a few people are interested and i have at least 3 friends willing to join. ive posted the 3 things u need. and ill trade friend codes with you via my email. [email protected]

I want in!! Sounds great.. Hope i'mnot too late!
Name: Tiago
Town: Crossham
Native Fruit: Cherry

EDIT: I will post my friend code here.

Code: 326505495248
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Right, so my little sister just got a DS for christmas and Animal Crossing so I now I want to understand how this works. Can anyone go to your town no matter where they live in the world or is there some sort of radius involved/
I'm pretty sure it is anywhere in the world...however you do need the other person's AC Friend Code and whatnot, which can be a pain.

I can give you mine and we can try this badboy out..I haven't been to anybodies town yet.
I'm on all the time but my friends are never on... :sad: So add me!

Name: Ash ♥
Town: ♥land
Code: 4124-0498-6572

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