The random i thread


Feb 6, 2007
In Scotland
Wii Online Code
The rules are simple
Someone says something random say a microwave then the next poster describes what itcould be used for and have the last poster define previous poster's word AND THEN think of a new word in the same post.. :):):):):)

and b4 you post read this
mitch2025 said:
Board Games Rules

this part of the forum is to play games and have fun. however the post must contribute to the game. any post that a mod see's that doesnt add to the game (I.E. Spam) will be deleted. it is pointless to post in this forum to get your post count up because any post you make in this section will NOT make your post count go up.

Have fun and happy gaming!

^^ What he said
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Good for removing dirt off old pennies! I should know, I'm Barry Scott!