The Wii Theater; 35+ videos!


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Sep 11, 2006
Enjoy. :)

New Pangya Golf Monkey ball Rayman

Other Mii Montage Wii with Pics

Games Montage of Games Battalion Wars Wii Call of Duty 3 Disaster Elebits Excite Truck Fire Emblem Godess of Dawn Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Medal of Honor Airborne Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Monkey Ball Pangya Golf Pokemon Project H.A.M.M.E.R Rayman Red Steel Sonic and the Secret Rings SplinterCell Double Agent Super Mario Galaxy Super Smash bros Brawl Monkey Ball Tony Hawke: Down Hill Jam Wario Ware Wii sports Airplane Wii sports Baseball Wii sports Golf
cool! i was waiting for one of these to come around, so many videos

by the way i0n when your online your box+swirl isnt green!
His box+swirl isn't green because he's using "invisible mode." That way, he don't get a huge amount of extra private messages when he logs in.

Very well done, Kunu!:thumbsup:
Nice post. Over at they have some 'really' sweet vids now, one of them has a reporter playing metroid prime 3 and explaining the controls. It looked kinda the same as the IGN video from not so long ago but then with metroid, I looked really good. The part where he talks about ripping the shield of some enemies looked sweet.

Whenever I see a video with a reporter explaining what he does with the controller it makes the whole game look 10 times more cool then if I see a video without the controls being explained.
Nice! Thanks for that, but that Call of duty 3 one is NOT the Wii version. It's crosshair is locked in the middle, which is imposible for the Wii to do. If you could do that, in order to look around you wouldnt actually have to turn ur body.
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