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Nov 21, 2006
Wii Online Code
Okay. After much frustration, i've come to a demi-solution.

I have a PC, hooked up to a router hooked up to DSL. I have a laptop in the same room as my Wii wirelessly connected to said router. I tried to hook the Wii up to this wireless network, to no avail. It seems like I can't recieve and send a signal at the same time. I've got a little USB wireless adapter on the laptop, and it's configuration only allows me to be an 'access point' or a 'station', IE a place other networks access me, or a place I access other networks. The only way I found to get around this was to hook the laptop up to an ethernet cable from the router as my internet in, and then set the USB adapter as my internet out to the Wii. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this any better?

PS: I tried hooking the USB adapter up to the PC with the router, didn't work for some reason.

PSS: Man, that was a long winded first post.
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That's what I tried, hooking up my wii to the router via wireless and was unsuccessful. Unless, do you mean link it by ethernet cable? Because that's what i'm trying to avoid. It's too long of a distance and the mutter doesn't like cables showing.

EDIT: When I say 'hooking my wii up to the router via wireless' I mean attempting to connect to the PC that's connected to the router directly.
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Anyone? My Wii is going away until Christmas (go figure, first console i've ever had and my parents won't let me use it), so if I don't get a response I'll just have to try again in a month :(