theres something i notcie about all next-gen games


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
about the graphics, haven't you notice the edges of the polygons/figures or whatnot, are like.."blurry-shiny" is this like the hd in action or what? except for ssbb, its look normal, but games like super mario galaxy,redsteel, monster 4x4 and games on x360 as well. could it be thats for hdtvs or..??idk:confused:
look, the graphics are that way just because they didnt have too many time to prepare for the E3, I think the final pruduct will be either better
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no i have some 360 games that look like that, they look nice i like them i really do, looks better than regular dull polygons, but just wondering
its hardware anti-aliasing, which means there is a specific chip in the 360 thats sole job is to remove the jagged lines around polygons. to do so, it uses crappy technology that looks like vasoline on a camera lens.

i hate that blur. ill take riddick's jagged line poly's with normal mapping over a fuzzy picture anyway.