Tiger Woods 2007


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May 23, 2006
Hi boring I know but does anyone know if the new controller system will facilitate(nice word that) the next version of TWG07.

whats with the long wait for a post

but anyway ill be geting this one
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ill be gettin ? Lovely use of the Queen's English there. I have observed from afar and now wanted a question answered. (Just to explain the delay)

Well seein' how Wii Sports is gonna have a golf game - I would think that the folks over at EA are able to utilize the wiimote for Tiger Woods Golf in the same way. And we already know that EA is developin' for the Wii too.

Putin' spin on the ball is up in the air though - obviously after you swing you could just use the D-pad - but imagine this one: Pushin' and Wishin' your ball with your arms. You know we've all waved our balls to change direction after we hit them. Swing our arms in the direction we want our balls to fly, whether its a golf ball reachin' the green or stayin' out of the woods, or a baseball gettin' inside of the foul pole. This would be a cool feature for both golf and baseball. I'm sure that wont happen, but imagine all the times you wished that waving your arms for a ball to be on the fairway or inside the foul pole could finally come true. This would also be fun for multiplayer, baseball fielders could wave ball fould while hitters could wave it fair - this would spark up some fun battles, the hardest and most convincing waver wins.
This reminds me of Roger Clemens Baseball for NES, there was a play that could happen, it didnt always happen, but whenever there was a play at a base, the runners got to pick which side of the bag they would slide to, and the fielders had top pick which side of the base to defend, even though this was such a small part of the game and it only happenned 2 or 3 times in the course of 9 innings, it was incredibly fun. I wanna see small little nuances like that in my wii games. So i want to be able to will my balls to fly right, because that just doesnt work on a real golf course or baseball field.

Sorry for the length and random tangents
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Sry dude not from these parts Lucker? Like the pirate lingo tho
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Thanks Phiggey, thinking along the same lines, could the angle of the downswing on the controller and ball positioning relating to stance be taken into account or is it too technical? Not that I'm any Tiger Woods tho lol.
satnin said:
Sry dude not from these parts Lucker? Like the pirate lingo tho
lurcker (forgot the r)
and you get a
Oh Arcadium, Tiger Woods is a famous golf player. He is like the Tony Hawk of Golf. He has a contract with EA so that they can use his name in their yearly golf videogames.