Trading Lv 98 Runescape account for Wii points

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Apr 14, 2009
I'm quitting runescape because I got a new nintendo wii and well I want to give away the account for a little wii points. So I think it would be fair to ask for around 2000 wii points.

this is not a joke or a scam honestly...:thumbsup:

I would be happy to speak to you 1 on 1 and you can look up the character in the highscores.

This character has been a member so he has 1mil or so on him and has a lot of barrows armour. ( torags )

He is nothing too special like those lv 125's you see out there but it took me a while to get him to 98 and I think it deserves somewhere around 2000 wii points

JUST Reply to this thread if you are willing to do it and Ill PM you with all the account info ( name, pass, bank pin, etc. )

THANKS SO MUCH and have an awesome day! :thumbsup:
Sorry to say, but Wiichat doesn't allow advertising of any sort, and isn't meant to be a channel for such transactions. You'll have to do this elsewhere.
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