trauma center under the knife


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
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i went and traded in games yesterday (like 7 hours ago lol) and decided to buy this game and it is pretty sweet... finally a game i am excited to play... i hope it doesnt get boring like animal vrossing did (after 4 months lol) what is everyone elses take on this 'atlus' game.... cuz the snow board kids game really scked imo
I liked the game at first. But as it got into the story, I started to dislike it more and more. It got too complicated for me.
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so far this game is SOOO cool, it does get complicated and intricate thats probably why i like it :p... there is alot of tools, but it is a game that best uses the ds touch screen much like nintendogs and wario ware did.... its all touch screen, no use for the buttons which is very nice,..... lets see... it isnt THAT graphic but it does show real parts of the body they arent just made up parts lol... umm.... it does give some complicated names to procedures in the operations, and terms and what not but this game is really cool, and its fun imo, this would have to be my fav ds game so far just barely beating tetris ds lol...
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lol i think im on chap 2 episode 4 lol.... its pretty cool so far :p
I love it. It is a great game at first, but the dificulty increases drastically as you go through. I'm currently stuck at the second one with the triangles. I just don't seem to be fast enough.