Twilight Princess And Red Steel Officially Rated "T"


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Aug 8, 2006
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The First T Rated Zelda Game!!
Animated Blood And Violence... Wait... Blood? Where? I Didn't See Any!:mad5:

Another Thing...
Red Steel...
Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, Language
Wait... No Blood?:scared:

They Made A Zelda, ZELDA Game Have Blood And Red Steel Dosen't Have Any?

Really Wierd...:lol:

I am glad that there is going to see some type of blood inTP I really don't care about red steel. This will be like the first zelda game to have blood. Niiiiiiiiiiiice!!!
Wiired said:
LMAO! Damn that can't be right.. I hope they like.. change their minds :confused: :sick:

Why on earth would they/should they?

+Maniacal=Maniac+, do you have a link. whare did you get your info?
silly me. btw curse you esrb!!!

just becuse tp dosent have blood in the previews doesent mean they wont add it the last moment. or maybe thiers horable gushy drippy blood in some story cuts. or maybe the blood option was alwayse turned off for e3. eh who knows.
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Lol, that's kinda funny. I'm still getting Red Steel even if it was rated M. It is very funny that Zelda is rated T because it has blood and Red Steel doesn't
So Zelda has blood and is T, but Ubi decided not to put blood in Red Steel, because they were aiming for... T. I'm confused. Why not just put blood in Red Steel? Or is it decided by the collection of all the themes? Bleh, I still think Red Steel needs more blood, but it has the blood puffs, which is good enough.
Ah What the Hell?!? i mean come on...put some blood on red steal i mean you stab ppl with katanas and shoot them...its like soul stab ppl with swords but you don't seem to loose any limbs..
this may not be the case but

zelda got T a rating with blood, becuse it had weaght it could gain.

red steel was probably over waght and needed to loose something to get into T.
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