Unable to run gamecube title 'Pikmin'


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May 26, 2009

I'm trying to run my first gamecube title on the Wii. It is 'Pikmin'.

The Wii recognizes the disc and shows up in the top level screen as "Nintendo Gamecube". If I then start it up, I get a screen that reads:

Would you like to display in progressive scan mode?

But I am unable to scroll or select either yes or no.

I am using a Wiimote with a wii classic controller plugged into it. I tried a different Wiimote and a different wii classic controller to no avail. Once the dialog comes up the Wiimote loses the blue indicator light to show it is remote number 1, all the blue lights are off. If I power the Wiimote on again all four blue LEDs flash several times before going dead.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Please assist.


You must use a Gamecube controller to play Gamecube games on the Wii. You also need a Gamecube memory card if you want to save progress in Gamecube games.

The Wii basically runs natively as a GC when a GC game is launched (it is not emulated). Therefore there is no bluetooth connection to the Wiimotes (which is why the Wiimote won't stay connected or re-connect), it only polls the GC controller ports. This is also why a GC memory card is needed for saving since the GC side of the console has not been reprogrammed to access on board memory, it only accesses the GC memory slots.
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Where do the game cube controllers plug in? Also, the sensor bar is plugged in so wouldn't the wiimotes talk to it and not involve the GC for the wireless connection? Also, why are there many posts on the internet talking about using either the GC controllers or the wii classic controller? Can the classic controller plug directly into the wii console?
bradleyd is correct about the controllers and memory card with GC games.

If you have your Wii in the 'vertical' position then the flaps that hide the GC controller ports and memory card are on the top of your Wii.

The reason that some posts talk about using either the GC pad or the Classic is that some VC titles and some Wii titles allow you to use either.