Unlocking the region


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Nov 13, 2006
Has anyone heard anything about a way of playing overseas games on the Wii. I know for the Cube you could get a "free loader disc" to unlock the region code.
Will there be anything like this??
My Friend is going to Japan end of December so i want him to get me some games, but only if i can play them.
lol Wii uses same chipset as gamecube there will be a thing like this very soon plus maybe there will be something in WiiLi the Wii Linux distro to do this it says it will run backups so who knows.
If this was possible with the GC then Nintendo probably did something to prevent it from working on the Wii. Though even if they do it won't take someone long to figure out a way around that and get it to work anyway. So I would say it will probably be possible in a few months but not immediatly after release.
Yeah dude, it's really inevitable. All it'll take is a bit of patience and someone's gonna come up with a way to circumvent the regional coding.

It's funny really, because regional coding is not a security measure (as some think it is), it's simply the compatability of NTSC and PAL display coding.

That's why handheld games are region-free (with the exception of the iQue DS, which is the Chinese region DS, which has regional encoding only in the form of an extra chipset to allow for the expanded Chinese character alphabet; It can play games from anywhere, and likewise, other DSs can play Chinese games, but with scrambled characters as the extra chipset is missing).