Upgrade Wiikey V1 help needed pls


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Mar 19, 2009
Hi guys.

I've recently purchased some wii games to use on my chipped wii. However i get a error #001 which i've have since found out that is probably due to the firmware needing to be updated.

So i downloaded the 1.9 stuff from the wiikey website, i extracted and burnt on to a cd with nero however my wii cannot read the disk.

Now i prob sound like sum dumb blonde bimbo (am actually brunette lol) but i really dont have a clue and really need some help. As only 4 out of the 24 games actually work.

What am i doing wrong? :)
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sorry, just saw another post for updating the wiikey so didnt realise i wasnt allowed to post. Sorry
download the most recent update from nintendo, you'll get more out of it.