Virtual Console Question (No answer yet though)

Will there be a prepaid card?

  • Yes

    Votes: 29 93.5%
  • No

    Votes: 2 6.5%

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nkbswe5. RLY!
Jun 27, 2006
Not in America
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Do you reckon the Wii will have a prepaid virtual console card so we don't have to use credit card? I darn hope so, or I'm 'shattered'
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Yeah, or something like iTunes where you go buy a $20 card and then you have online credit.
That'd be an awesome idea cause that means you could just go down to your local store and grab a card run out of the store and use it simple
Yeh I'd be upset to if it was credit card thing hate those things
I think it's more secure for them to use cards (like the ones for iTunes) and besides, not all parents would want their kids using their credit card. With the prepaid card, it's more accesible...which means more money for Nintendo. And in the end, they are still a business who wants to maximize revenues.
It would be weird though, Would make make the cards only hold enough for one virtual game? I think that th wii when it is released should come with one downloadable game card. I mean if oyu made the cards hold money and you made a card hold 10$, and the game you wanted was 8.99, what would you do with the 1.01 left on the card? You can't use it again can you?
well, when you're ordering stuff on the net, sometimes they let you put in more than one giftcard code, so I don't see too much of a problem. Or you could just have one card and be able to recharge it. That would work.
i think there would not be a card, in fact we are going to pay the games as we do with the paypal
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~views article~ Hmm...Not a good sign :( I bet they would make HEAPS more money if they let the cards be made, many people cant use paypal and parents dont want their kids to come ask them all the time if they can download
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Woo! The poll is looking good. NINTENDO, LOOK AT THE POLL! Or maybe it was nintendo who said No...
Yeah, they'll definitely make prepaid cards if they want to make things simple. It would be cool if they included one right in the box.