Virtual game giveaway!


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Jul 7, 2009
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I will be giving out 1 Free Virtual Console or WiiWare game of 1,000 points (or $10) December 25th out of my own pocket, seriously! Here are the rules:

You must have a Nintendo Club Account which is required to download VC/WiiGames (Needing a Wii is a Given). I will ask three random questions which must be answered correctly, and answers must be posted directly into my WiiChat Mail and NOT by thread. If multiple participants answer all the answers correctly, I will take their WiiChat Usernames and do a Drawing. If you're a Winner, I will ask you to pick a game of your choice. Even if you pick a 500pts NES Game or 800pts SNES , you only get one so choose wisely and Enjoy!!

My 3 Questions are already Available for you to answer, just go to "Virtual Game Giveaway 2!: The 3 Questions!". GOOD LUCK!
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