wat is elebits

I think they are creatures who power up that extrange world, and u have to put everything good again using elebits, but in my opinion is just another game to show the wii mote functions
Yes in that world there are no nuclear power plants or combustion, they use elebits from caveman days, the little guys get away and you have to find them, the more elebits you have the more wieght you can pick up, from a toaster to your entire house, this is probably more of children game or for people who like the sims maybe.
The Elebits slack off and you have to put them back to work by zapping them or something like that. Get to work you lazyasses *slap*.
Heh for once we're in accord Haku, basically the elebits are used as electricity to power the appliances e.g. microwaves. They however seem to have gotten a bit pissed at being taken for granted and have done one (ran away) they've hidden and you can use the remote to pick up items, throw them around and then zap (shoot) the elebits you uncover with your gun powering up the weapon and allowing you to pick up bigger and bigger objects like tables, cars and eventually houses (as seen in some of the screenshots)

The movie on IGN is so funny XD I had it on my E3 dvd but it got to the bit where it says "...But you know what?" then crashes.

Here's a link to a bit of blurb and 2 vids and some pics from IGN

Hope that helps :)

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