What games do you want to see on Wii?

Shenmue 3, it would be really perfect if I had to play this game, and even on Wii.
Another LoZ.
Another SSB.
Another SM.
If No More Heroes is going to kick ass, a sequel.
And a lot more...
how about metal gear sonic- with sonic snake, just like metal gear solid but with sonic in it
I'd like to see an old school point and click adventure game. Perhaps that new Sam & Max one, all 6 episodes rolled into one. Aside from that a new Kid Icarus or a new Battletoads would be awesome.
A decent FPS game that is revolutionized in which takes the world gaming to a whole new level.
Hrmm... :)

A Clock Tower Game
Eternal Darkness
Time Splitters!!!
Fatal Frame (Camera + Wiimote = Yayness!)
Silent Hill (Once again... Flashlight + Wiimote= Woohoo!)
A Donkey Kong Adventure game from Rare. A Goldeneye game also from Rare but we all know thats not going to happen anytime soon. Microsoft and Rare just don't blend like Nintendo and Rare does. If Perfect Dark and Donkey released for the Gamecube a few years back most likely it would probably become a hit instead of s*it. Its a shame Rare having an Affair with another system. What a game slut.