What Wii color will YOU get?


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Sep 9, 2006
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So what color will YOU get?


I want either the white or black, but probably white.
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the white or black :yesnod: they look the best plus the red and green are a bit too ott for me
yeah, green and red are a bit shaqueer oneil. I reckon the white and grey are cool. Dont like black either, also the best are those blues but they arent in this picture obviously.
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This link: http://www.wiicolors.com/

Shows that Wii does not come in blue and it was photoshopped (well controller was, but I dont know if its true)
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I think white would get sold out though, it seems the most popular... What do you guys think?
Pfft, if it does get sold out, i would have bought one of the copies. Dude, im going to like camp outside the shop like an hour before its released and im freakin gonna run into the shop, grab my white wii and purchase.
I'd really like the silver, but I'm guessing we'll only see a white wii on launch; black is possible too, but they may release wii the same way they did the ds lite, with white first and then later on black, pink, etc, although they did release a blue ds, but that was the original ds.

It would be cool if sooner or later they made a transparent one.
well, thoes arent probaly the real colors, and if they are, they wont be availble at launch, considering they were made before the console was even named Wii
oh yah and that top pic is photoshopped, shadowing is off, if you dont believe me i will explain
oih and im THINKING, the other one is photoshopped too, its weird how its all the same hand, and its 3 right hands and then 1 left hand...
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i reserved a white wii already (by the way only 4 more days until we know the release date!!!) (sep. 14)