What Wii packages would you buy?


nkbswe5. RLY!
Jun 27, 2006
Not in America
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Since I wrote a huge reply to a new thread that was locked right before I pressed submit, I make a new thread. YAY

If you can make any package, what would it be and how much, andbe realistic. Not 5 games, Wii, 2 remotes for $10

I says
2 controls
Wii sport and one game of choice
$450 AUS

If controls are $60AUD anyway
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Then why is there no related topics down the bottom then. I did search, noone made a specific board for creating your own bundles. Loner.
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Nintendo Wii standard package except replace Wii play with Legend of Zelda.

Yes, I would agree, except for the multiplayerness of Wii Play and that you can test out the abilities of Wii best with it.

Is that AUS? Probably, because thats alot american :D I would buy that
i would make a package where it comes with everything hat it already has plus and extra controller, nunchaku, redsteel, and LoZ:TP