what will happen to games I downloaded, if my Wii is broken and has to be replaced?


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Nov 20, 2006
I bought a two 2000 Wii Points cards at BestBuy. (total 4000)

I've already use the points to purchase 4 games via the
Virtual Console.

(knock on wood) If my Wii is broken and has to be replaced,
will I simply lose the games/points?

My Wii obviously has the Nintendo factory warranty, but
I also bought the 2-year BestBuy replacement plan.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

if it breaks and still under nintendo's warrentee you can send it in and they will make it so your new wii has all the info of the old wii so you will still have the points and games
you can probly talk with someone and they can either give you back your memory or install it in a Wii, just like a warranty, but if you pass it you might have to pay for the new system.... Kinda like Apple sometimes with their Ipods