What's different?

whereas XBOX LIVE costs money

Actually its free.. you only have to pay if you wanna upgrade ur subscription.
PS3 Online is free

edit: thnx for the rep btw XD
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CJB said:
Soooo, What's this online thing with the codes and usernames 4 the Wii?

Friend codes are for playing against specific people. You don't need them if you just want a match against a random player.
the controller.
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So you can play against real ppl? Cool
NS_Tr4mpld said:
ahhh.. well there is a minority of people getting a pixel problem due to it overheating and messing with the video card... It's no manufacturing defect just take care of your wii and KEEP IT OFF TEH CARPETS...
It also helps not to leave WiiConnect24 on... I've heard.
why wouldnt you leave wiiconnect24 on?! its meant to be left on! lol (i dont though, cause i use a wired connection :/)
FRuMMaGe said:
I've never heard of this. My Wii has been sitting on my carpet since launch (and pretty much never turned off :lol: )

Dude are you kidding me... Never put any electronic on the carpet... STATIC ELECTRICITY!

That and carpet is full of dry soils that will just suck up into your Wii/PS/360/PC and it will cause all sorts of no good problems... Atleast put it on a plank of wood. For real.