Where can i get extras wiimotes and nunchuck?


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Oct 15, 2006
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Does ebagmes or Gamestop have them? i didnt see either of them on the site? Anyone know which store has them??
I got an extra controller and nunchuck at Circuit City 5 minutes after picking up my Wii at GameStop (11:30am Sunday). I heard Wal-Mart and Target had some left early yesterday, but I am guessing they went quick.
Circuitcity.com had some nunchucks left this afternoon. I ordered one (even though I don't have the controller to go with it yet) And I will keep everyone posted if/when it actually ships.
u can probably buy one from any place that sells the games.walmart,zellers,ebgames,toys r us, etc. they had some at the toys r us i bought my wii at n ppl were grabbin them all n they kept restockin them.
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i decided to order it from nintendo...My wii was shipped today, being recived Wendesday!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my area, all that's left are Wiimotes. No nunchucks, no Classic Controllers :/
everywhere i went was sold out yesterday, but i went back to best buy today and they were completely restocked of pretty much all the accessories. just keep checking back in stores each day, there's definitely not gonna be a shortage after the initial launch day rush.