Who likes the NFL?


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Aug 5, 2006
Australia, Perth
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Hey i was wondering, how many of u follow the NFL and are getting madden 07 on launch? What do u guys reckon of it, do u think madden 07 on wii will be better than on other consoles? man i would satisfy a camel for the wii.
lol that'll always make me laugh.....the whole satisfy and the wii thing classic. Anyway I follow NFL as Tampa Bay been my favourite team and I think that Madden will be better on the Wii......although you cant even move the wiimote or nunchuck otherwise it will duke or stiff arm so you have to be perfectly still....but i think you have to do it to a certain extent.
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pffft, who are tampa bay? lol i hate tb, colts the whole way and yeah ive been thinking about the whole moving the slightest bit resulting in duke or stiff arm, man it will be weird but in a good way.... if that makes any sense
NFL pffffttt not my cuppa tea
Hockey or AFL much better
I follow the New England Patriots since that is the closest team close to mean and they are really good. In the begining of last season they were bad cuz a lot of good people injured but when they came back they were unstoppable. They weren't that good in the plaoffs cuz they were getting too cocky and thought they were gonna win it all again, and look what happened. (its te same scenario with sony)
It's all about the Dolphins for me. Soon to be 2006 AFC East Champs.

HA steelers all the way,(gotta support the home team). but getting back on topic i like the madden series but the only reason i would buy 07' would be to see how it takes advantage of the wiimote.
I've never liked the NFL. Superbowl's fun to watch, although I simply do not understand who comes up with the half-time shows? Seriously, when I think football, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson do not come to mind! Infact, they never come to my mind unless I think of either the half-time shows, or the worst singers of all time.:lol:

Having said that, I might actually try Madden for the first time (I've played it but never for more than a few minutes and never bought it) thanks to the use of the Wiimote/nunchuk. I'm guessing moving the controller around a bit won't cause any unwanted actions because if anyone has seen the following Super Mario Galaxy video, which was posted in this thread, you'll realize they've probably already remedied that problem in Madden.
wow nice video of Mario Galaxy. But anyway yeh when he moved that Wiimote just the slightest bit Mario did not do a spin so yeh i guess the same applies for Madden.