Wifi Network


Aug 17, 2007
Hi, i was wondering if you would take afew moments to read this (it is a site, so if sites where you can share FC's annoy you, id advise you to stop reading )

This site has a great potential, but we do not appear to be getting many members, we are a small forum with 19 members (about 10 active)we allow you to share FCs and have a contest on all the time, these are always great fun, we also have ACWW partys open alot, there always great fun. You get editing and deleting privledges immediatly.

We have no flamers or spammers because both me and my second admin is there at least once a day. The staff are very nice to talk to and will be with the members in discussions, voicing there own opinions and thoughts, none of the staff see themselves as better than any member.

We are on a server, with an SMF forum, much more professional and easy to manage than an online forum.

So if you would like to join a growing community (were you dont have to get 1000 posts to edit) come to the Wi-Fi Network

Also a MKDS Tournament is being organised come and join and have fun