Wii Black Screen [HELP PLEASE]


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Feb 19, 2007
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Hello, a few months back I dediced to softmod my wii and downgrade the firmware to 3.2U. Then I reupdated it to 3.3U or 3.4U(cant remember). The wii was running perfectly fine with no problems at all. Until recently my brother got I copy of Guitar Hero Aerosmith and it asked to update the wii so we went ahead and did. As soon as it finished updating, the wii crashed. The wii would boot up like normal but there would be no video and sound and it would just display a blank black screen. Wiimote wouldnt sync either. Tryed unplugging it and letting it sit for a few minutes, borrowed friend's working A/V cables, tried the instructions from here. No dice, nothing seemed to work. After doing some research I thought I came to the conclusion that my bluetooth module was busted. So I ordered a bluetooth module replacement part. Opened up my wii, replaced the bluetooth module, put it back together. I thought that would fix it, but nope. The wii is still acting its same evil ways but now I cant get the power button to turn red after holding it down. It will only go to standby. Plus the power button on the wiimote no longer works. I'm about to give up and just buy a new one. Any ideas for solutions would be greatly appreciated.
well you never update your wii after you mod/hack. it will definitely screw it up. i dont thinking there is anything you can do. sorrry