Wii Causes Router to Fail! :-(


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Jun 9, 2009
greeting Wii-ers,

I have had my Wii for about a year, and it rocks Out Loud.

I also enjoy the internet. Alot. I have DSL at home, spiced with a Netgear router & topped off with an Apple Airport Express mini-router (Powerlined to the Netgear router) for my bedroom... Had that setup going on for about 2-3 years...

Anyway, only recently did I decide to put my chocolate in my peanut butter(!) and get my Wii online. Started out great -- connected to my Netgear(main) router no prob, bought the browser & watched Fantasia Barrino's Idol performance on YouTube, on the big screen... wow.

Then, Sh*t started gettin' weird...

Came home one evening, Netgear is not servicing any machine connected to it. Okay.. happens sometimes... unplugged the router & replugged it; no problem.

...then it happened then next day... and the next... and the next!! Everytime, when I arrived home in the evenings, router is not sending out a signal! Trip the power on it, and it works fine that night, all through the night until the morning... then, sometime between the time & leave and return from work... no internet.

Also, over the weekend, it did it again, as the &^#* hotel I was in had no Adult Swim(!), and when I tried to hook up the laptop & access my SlingBox at home to get my fix of Family Guy and ATHF, no connection -- therefore, the wired connections on the Netgear were affected as well.

Laid out Gremlin Traps (KFC chicken wings in glue traps) but caught nuttin...

So, I rerouted the Wii to connect to my Apple Extreme last night, and as usual everything was fine... When I got home this evening, Netgear router was working fine.. but the Apple Router was NOT! Reset the Apple router and it was fine again.

I then determined that the wii needs to be un-internettd' for now; in the process of doing so, I unintenionally set it back to the Netgear router (went Amber when I turned the Wii off) and it caused the Netgear to cancel connections again!

What is Going On??
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Oh sorry... My Netgear router is a WGT634U, using WEP password.

The Apple Extreme uses no encryption (just a hidden SSID) as I use it to allow my Powerbook 550c, Duo 2300c and some other old-ass hardware Apple made years before wireless was thought of (!) to access the internet.

As I stated above, the Wii connected to both w/o a problem, and I used the Wii browser on both connections, finished, turned it off and continued to browse the internet on my computer (for, uh...er...hardware items! Yeah!) on into the night. Even in the morning I browsed for a new job before leaving for work(!)...

....only when I came home did I discover there was no internet connection. needless to say, this NEVER happened before I connected the Wii to the internet.