Wii Classic Controller To Gamecube Port?


WiiChat Member
Jul 13, 2022
I have a wii classic controller that is wired. I got it to save on batteries. I thought when I got this controller it would plug into the wii system. I see no controller ports for this plug only gamecube controller ports. I know about anything is made out there somewhere and I looked on ebay and other places and cannot find an adapter so I can plug this wii classic controller into the wii system itself.

I know it shows to plug wired classic controller to the wii remote but again using batteries. So is there an adapter and where at or name of it to convert I am guess would be a nes classic controller plug into a gamecube controller port? I seen only one on some website but says out of stock and would think ebay should it though but all it brings up is stuff nothing I need. Thanks