Wii compatible routers & modems-best range and reliability?


WiiChat Member
Aug 11, 2009
St. Peters, MO
I'm getting cable broadband and have read all the forums about the cable modems and wireless routers, with a lot of conflicting advice!
On the Nintendo site, some routers they say won't work are the same ones that people say they're using with no issues.
I don't know if I should get a separate wireless router and a cable modem, or get an all in one.
The only all in one I've found mentioned is the Motorola sbg900, which seems to be popular, but nintendo says won't work with a Wii.
Can anyone tell me which setup is best: wireless cable modem/router in one (any others besides the sbg800 available?), or buy each one separate (which ones work best with Wii AND have excellent range?
Thanks so much for your help!