Wii Fit Plus ?


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Jul 13, 2009
So I finally got a Wii 2 weeks ago, now I think I want to add Wii Fit. So I've been searching and missed a few deals. But today I found a site reserving a Wii Fit Plus. It shows an updated software, with some new activities. But I can't find info on the Board. I searched Google, but only arctiles I find are abount an announcement at some E3 event. And some 'might' be more sensetive.
So, should I wait until Oct? or keep searching for a sale price and just update the software?
I'm not sure. But i can tell you this much, don't count on using wii fit to get fit. a full exercise routine is so slow on it, that it takes(me) 2 hours to do it.
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I can't seem to reply, get server 500 errors.

But nintendo.com shows wii plus, but only mentions the new game software, nothing about the board being 'enhanced'.

So either it's the same board, or they don't want to hurt sales of existing boards with this news.