wii guitar hero world tour drums compatability


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Feb 15, 2009
Hi everybody,
Are the drums with guitar hero world tour for nintendo wii compatable with rock band 2 for nintendo wii?
Any help would be appreciated.
vice versa for the RB2 drums on GH.

Not true... How is he going to play the orange note from the RB2 drums in GHWT? He can't hit something that does not exist.

Yes the GHWT drums work on RB2. I have it and use it in both games.

The RB2 drums DO work on GH:WT.

When using Rock Band's drum controller, which has one fewer percussion pad than the World Tour unit and lacks velocity sensitivity, two of the lanes on the "World Tour" drum board merge, reducing the note track to four drum pads and bass pedal, and no armored notes are presented.
So it is true. =P
The RB2 drums DO work on GH:WT.

So it is true. =P

For the Xbox360...

At Activision’s E3 press conference Tuesday, Guitar Hero director Brian Bright told the crowd that if they already owned guitar controllers and drum controllers from “previous games” on the Xbox 360, they’d work with Guitar Hero World Tour.
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