Wii Launch Titles What r u Gonna Buy?


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Aug 16, 2006
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What Wii Launch Titles are you gonna buy? I'm first gonna buy Wii Sports and then Wario Ware Smooth Moves if it's out at Launch I'm also gonna buy Red Steel. I will sometime buy Zelda but not a big fan of zelda.If Super Mario Galaxy was a Launch title I would for sure buy it but I can DREAM RIGHT!!:lol:
I will get
Red Steel
Trauma Center
Twilight Princess

and thining if I buy more
im getting Wii Sports and 4 controllers (Black<---MINE!, Red, Blue(light) and White (4 like people who cant make up their mind!) and possibly LoZ:TP
will7303 said:
im gonna get
red steel

SSBB isnt going to be a launch title...but im going to get as my launch titles
Madden 07 and Wii Sports. Maybe LoZ:TP if i can afford it ;)
m7ticalm said:
Madden BEOTCH and Loz:TP after a couple of days followed with red steel in maybe a month.

i like your ruthlessness towards madden...makes me proud in many ways.....nothing queer though