Wii Light


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Oct 28, 2006
After playing the wii this morning, i went to sleep because i didn't do so at the Target i camped at.. well, i just woke up a little while ago and when i went downstairs to look at my wii, the plue light was staying on! i was like, what the H? and just pressed the power button, then, i turned on the wii again about a couple mins later, and the shop channel needed to re=connect to the internet, so i am letting it do that right now.. but was this due to me turning it off while the blue light was on? does the light indicate that it is Downloading something.
Yes it does. Spitfire and I have been messaging one another on our Wii's for the past half an hour or so, works great! Last message I received from him, the system was off and for some odd reason I was taking a couple pictures of it :lol: Anyway, the light came on dim, then got brighter... turned it on and sure enough, new message had arrived. It doesn't advertise that but I checked it and sure enough, it was the reason.
Thats exactly what happened I was messaging spitfire when I was taking pics
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