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Jul 30, 2007
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Welcome to the Wii-Madden Football League.

The idea of this league is to simulate the real NFL Season by having different people "own" the 32 teams in the NFL. They will then simulate the NFL season by following the real schedule, playing the other teams in this league via Wi-Fi and posting the results on our league's site on LeagueDaddy.

There is now two teams remaining

AFC East:
New England Patriots - onelazcano
New York Jets - onewithdog
Buffalo Bills - billsfan1990
Miami Dolphins - memofoca

AFC North:
Baltimore Ravens - kirbycube
Cincinnati Bengals - lobkomodo69
Pittsburgh Steelers - steelerfan
Cleveland Browns -

AFC South:
Indianapolis Colts - drizzt21
Tennessee Titans - pacman424
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Houston Texans - pittpride51

AFC West:

San Diego Chargers - kuku588
Denver Broncos - monk4hof
Kansas City Chiefs - frozensolid62
Oakland Raiders - MasterSandman II

NFC East:
Philadelphia Eagles - armyreuber
Dallas Cowboys - jlh1508
New York Giants - get_dealt_with
Washington Redskins - skinsman68

NFC North:
Chicago Bears - dang82
Green Bay Packers - 80neddam
Minnesota Vikings - Jonny_The_Pie_King
Detroit Lions - mrgoblueguy

NFC South:
New Orleans Saints - special77j
Carolina Panthers - nintendonick
Atlanta Falcons - thebigwii
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - marco

NFC West:
Seattle Seahawks - itsinthecards
St. Louis Rams - thewon
San Francisco 49ers - gundamfan
Arizona Cardinals - bdhobbs1


Please do not post in this thread with what team you'd like...post in the "Teams" thread on the WiiMFL Message Boards. It just gets too confusing unless it's posted straight on our site.

Message Boards: http://wiimfl.proboards99.com
Website: http://wiimfl.tripod.com


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Aug 8, 2006
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Just a quick question, can you play people internationally with Madden 08 on Wii? Cause im getting Madden this thursday and I live in australia. I noticed that you live in canada so is it possible to play you? If so I would be interested joining this league.

Sorry posted here instead of site cause i cant be ****ed making an account now.

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