wii mote question


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Aug 20, 2006
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does the wii mote have a port that you plug into the system like the wave bird or is there some other way it hooks into the system
Hi, no the wiimotes don't need any device to be plugged ino the wii to work.
They use Bluetooth technology like cellphones and PC:s, the bluetooth chip is integrated into the wii hardware so no external receiver is needed.
yeah but see here is what i dont get. if you take the wii mote and bring it over to a friends house because he only has 1 wiimote. will it automatically detect that wiimote? or do you have to use a certain IR code? or whatnot?
you use the sync button, first you hold down the sync button on the sytsem then the sync button on the remote, then they will detect, that controller will automaticly now recognize that controller, so after that you dont have to sync, then after syncing which ever order you turn the controllers on is the first player blah blah blah