wii net disapointmen!!!!


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Mar 1, 2009
ok ok im not about to bore every one with my well backed up arguments about just how painfully shite this damn browser is what with no jave flash and bassically everything that makes the inter net worth using.....

heres the deal, im a simple man after simple things.......what with my laptop deciding to die on me im now forced to use this as my sole internet acces point........

alll i ask is if any one knows of a decent site where a man can play poker! tryed all the wii portal recomended game sites and bar a very cheesy one with jessica simpson im having no luck finding one...........

also on my wiish list <---- did you like what i did their?? ha
is a decent porn site!!!!! now i know im not alone in this and i believe this may just be the best place to air my plea.......

so can any one help me........

to be quite honest any ****in website that will entertain a small minded 20 year old and not keep demanding tecnology that those tight bastards at nintendo seem tho think we can do without would be hugely appreciated!


one very disapointed englishman =]
For the love of god man get a pc for the internet if thats all your interested in!
And dont give me all that costs to much blah blah blah because even the cheapest pc's handle the internet better than any console Fact.

I have been a pc gamer since 1998 and things have come along way not to mention being a lot cheaper,dial-up modems cost me a fortune,isdn cost even more! and now broadband is excellent if your area can actually get it.

I also have a Wii connected to my router and whats up with it? they dont charge you,not half the games support it yet so its hardly worth getting worked up about,playing tiger woods golf/moh/cod/ssbb/GH3 online so far and no complaints whatsoever.

Im having more lag playing Left 4 Dead on the pc than anything else!

Pc&Wii best combination available for the best possible experience.