Wii on a wide LCD screen


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Aug 7, 2006
I'm considering buying a wide LCD computer monitor, but I'm unsure about the Wii's support in the 19:6 format.

I have connected my GameCube to a standard LCD computer monitor with no problems.

This is - I don't know if it's possible on a WIDE LCD screen, since as I gather - the Wii doesn't support HD.

Do you think the size of the games will be ajustable? Do you think it will give me vertical margines? Do you think it will even work?

i think it will because if it didnt work with the wii that would shut the doors on so many potential buyers
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Yeah, they can't afford not have it support wide.

What's more - must LCD TVs ARE wide, so it must work the same way with the wide LCD COMPUTER monitors.
What way is that? will it just stretch the picture? will the Wii remote work properly with it?
I actually emailed a question simialar to this to Nintendo a while ago. I didn't ask about a widescreen LCD, but just a regular LCD monitor.

They said the monitor must have composite, component, or S-video inputs to work.

As for whether it will streach the picture, I'm not so sure. That really depends on the game developer putting in this feature because I doubt it's a standard, but it may be.

I would definitly say, if you can wait for Wii to come out, buy it and then take it to Circuit City or Best Buy and try it out on a widescreen monitor; it doesn't even have to be the model you're considering. I know it's hard to wait, but then you'll be sure and the price of the monitor will probably have dropped.

You could also take your Gamecube to Circuit City or Best Buy and try that out because it and the Wii's connections are pretty much identical. There are some games on Gamecube that supported widescreen and/or progressive scan, so if you have one of those, try that out aswell as a non-widescreen enabled game to see if it stretches the picture/looks bad.

Nintendo is really trying to market Wii as a small and somewhat portable console, so I'm guessing it'll work on a monitor, but widescreen is up in the air.
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Well, computer monitors don't have component. I have a converter from VGA which worked fine on my standard LCD monitor, but I don't know if it'll work on the wide. Depends on how it's broadcast.

What about the DVI option? will nintendo issue a DVI cable? this, I'm sure, will work on a wide screen.

GameCube owners who played it on wide - had the picture stretched? Since the standard GC broadcast was standard.
Here is the exact message I got when I asked about using a monitor with Wii:


The specs I have for Wii indicate that it will have one multi-out port for component, composite, or S-video. If your computer monitor accepts one of these inputs, you should be able to use your computer monitor as the Wii display. Another option is to install a video capture card in your computer. However, the video capture cards often introduce delays with can negatively impact the playability of video games using that method. Most people will have the best results in using Wii with a TV display.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Mike Chandler
While I would love it if Nintendo put a DVI post on Wii, I sadly don't see it happening. It's funny because in the early stages of Wii (then called the Revolution) Nintendo was sort of talking about a monitor cable, but now they seem to have abandoned that. But who knows. Nintendo may suprise us with atleast a VGA port, although DVI would be the best and I'll eat my words happily.

If they don't talk about it whenever they release the price and package contents of Wii (probably sometime in late September, like at the Tokyo Game Show), then it's probably a lost cause, but you could still get a monitor with component or s-video input. Yes, there actually is a monitor with component-in.

Go here. There are actually quite a few widescreen, 8ms response time, 1680x1050 resolution, LCD monitors with component, composite, and s-video input, and they aren't that expensive (from $300 to nearly $3000).

Hope one of those is what you're looking for.;)
Nintendo demonstrated the games on the e3 on a widescreen tv, so yeah it'll work i guess :)
Kakashi said:
Nintendo demonstrated the games on the e3 on a widescreen tv, so yeah it'll work i guess :)
Yeah, but that's a widescreen TV, not a monitor.

But that is good to know because that means Wii supports the widescreen format, or atleast the games that were actually playing on the widescreen TVs; it may be that those games were made to support widescreen, in which case there might be some games made that have to be stretched, but I think more and more developers are putting in this feature because people are buying widescreen displays a lot more now.
Oh C'mon, of course the Wii will have kickazz hardware and can surely work witha widescreen tv. the gamecube did.