Wii Online Functionality?


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May 11, 2006
Will the Wii revive the GC online adaptor?

Or will Nintendo continue its message about online gaming?
Actually I have heard that the wii will operate just like the ds with friend codes and everyting.
You mean they will use Wi-Fi technology for online gaming? Hehe, or Wii-Fi even. Would be great to use it for SSB.
I also think there is a usb adaptor if you do not have a wireless internet connection.
I beleive it will use the same wi-fi usb connector as the DS? It will use it for downloading retro games also. Im also hoping that most games will have an online functionality. Not just the odd few as with DS but every game with a multiplayer should go online in my opinion.

Also, in case you didnt know this, the wii can stay online all the time. This is called wiiconnect24. This way, friends (almost certainly using friend codes) will be able to send you gifts (animal crossing) , messages, etc while you sleep/ are busy.

Problem is, i cant stay online ALL the time as i have AOL silver, and, due to them being a pain i have to use a differnat connection for playing on my DS. Oh well. presumably anything sent to me will arrive the next time i connect.

Hope that was what you were looking for. And of course, none of this is guaranteed; nintendo, being nintendo could have anything up their sleeves...
I hear it's going to use the same Wi-Fi technology as the DS, and it will be fully compatible with the USB adapter. But like Haku said, only time will tell.
Wii will use wlan. And if you dont have Wireles-lan in your home you can use usb adabter.
yo i luv nintendo and all but i wish thy wudnt use friend codes thy shud make it just like x-box live except free