Wii Pal and NTSC formats


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Nov 24, 2007
Ok so this is my issue...

My wii is from UK, i moved over to that states in october and i cant play it. My first problem was the power, but i found a power adapter for the wii in gamestop so that was that sorted. Then i was faced with the issue of the screen rolling up and down, so i managed to change the wii settings > screen type> from 50hz to 60hz and that made the image stop rolling and was clear. Now the main issue.....its in black and white. I bought a wii scart lead and had it shipped over to the states and to my surprise....the tvs dont have scart, so i bought a PAL TO NTSC converter...it gave me colour but....the colour was terrible, blue instead fo white and was just so unplayable.

A new tv isnt an option, i dont want to sell my wii because of the shortage at the moment plus i have like 10 games. I heard new tv's support the Pal function but im just like completely skint haha

I really dont know what to do....any help would be greatly appriciated.



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Jul 26, 2007
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best thing is to buy ether new wii or tv. just sell the wii and make shure you get what your missing on it or move back to the uk or get a uk tv


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Nov 24, 2007
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What do i need to look out for when buying a new tv. obviously i dont wanan go out and buy a new one then get home and it doesnt work lol

Hoping to get this fixed asap as mario galaxy is now out lol


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