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Aug 27, 2006
Wales, UK
I am considering to buy wii play when it's out, mainly for the extra controller; you're basically getting the game for £10!

Anyway, just one question if anybody could help me answer it....

What, by the way, is wii play?

All i know about it is 'minigames'. I was hoping someoneone could perhaps expand on that?

Are you sure it's a controller because Play.com have it listed as coming with 'Wii Remote', or is that just another name for a Wii controller?
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Thats the name of the long white controller; it doesn't come with a nunchuk, but presumably you wont need it...
Ah right, thanks.

From Wikipedia:

Wii Play is an upcoming video game for the Wii. It will feature many minigames that will use characters in the Mii Channel. Many of the games featured are from E3 2006 demos such as the Duck Hunt-styled shooting demo and Table Tennis, though many of them are brand new such as Pose Mii and Laser Hockey.

Sounds good and you said earlier, a good way to get an extra controller and a cheap game, or vice versa!
Ok, finaly I can announce my thoughts on this. There is a game that will be there on launch in Japan called My First Wii, that will come with a wiimote and is cheaper than regular games.
But it only mentions japan, but if you read the games.. Included are pinball, table hockey and pool. The simple point-and-click shooting game Nintendo demoed at E3 is also included in this collection, as is a mini game where you move your Mii (the Wii name for your avatar) around on a city block

Ok now there is Wii Play
No mention of the extra remote, but it has Hockey, Pool, The shooting game, and more, but there are 2 hidden ones at thte NOA conference, i think these are the pinball game, along with the block one, so therefore Wii Play is our My First Wii, and ussualy they dont do names by exact translations at all. They rarely do this.
So yah, theres be theory reinforcing WE WILL get this. And it will be at launch probably, and personaly, i would rather have this than Wii Sports
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hmm... Sounds good. The mii in a city block sounds interesting? I can see a miniature sims game coming along here? Perhaps in the future you can take in on wi-fi and meet friends there? anyway, thanks for that info.