wii : possible video and music playback from sd


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Nov 5, 2006

Could this mean video and music playback
sorry for horrible image, camera sucks
See at bottom video playback length and song towards top
source:game stop christmas catalog

yea i have that 2!

Memory card 1.0 gb $59.99
game saves [avg 5mb file] 200
sont storage [avg 4min. mp3] 266
picture storage 867
vid storage [mins of normal quiality] 352

memory card 512mb $39.99
game saves [avg 5mb file] 100
sont storage [avg 4min. mp3] 133
picture storage 438
vid storage [mins of normal quiality] 163

wich ur better of buyin the wii storage & protection 512mb kit!

it comes with the 12mb SD card and the case for the wii and controlers Plust a wii control glove
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Is this for the Wii?
Or.. Just a regular SD card?
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considering that the card is 50$ and has a nintendo symbol it is for the wii