WII REMOTE - Sensors dont seem to be working


May 17, 2006
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
maduser74 said:
Hi All,
Please check this message.

I had this same problem and called tech support. They suggested me to keep the remote face down, i.e buttons facing down on the palm, on one of my palm and bang on the remote with the other palm. He said basically the sensing unit in the remote has clogged and hitting it like this unclogs it or releases it.


I called with the same issue just a few days ago, and they told me the same resolution... worked instantly! The best way to test and see if this is the solution is to load the main menu and attempt to make the hand/cursor do a complete 180 degree turn around. In my case, the hand wouldn't go past 90 degrees before disappearing, and the cause, 'sticking' internals according to the tech guy from Nintendo. Glad to hear it was such an easy fix that actually works for more people than me!

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