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Mar 30, 2009
Hi everyone! Me and my friend have been reviewing some wii games on youtube, and we would like some feedback. Our profile is Wiiviewers. http://www.youtube.com/user/wiiviewers
We would really appreciate it if you guys had a look and told us what you think. It would really help us out. Thanks!:thumbsup:
it was annoying and scattered. if you want to be successful, you need to know what you're going to say before you start the 'review'. also cut down the dead/silent time. don't just follow the character and talk. it gets irritating.
There a lot of problems with your reviews. If you don't mind me critiquing. Let me start with some equipment.

1) Use a DVD recorder. The quality of the video would be much better than using a camcorder. Pinnacle system Dazzle DVD recorder isn't the best thing in the world but is much better than a camcorder. VGA box maybe better so you can actually play the games on your computer but they get more expensive. Also, the core DVD recorder machines are a lot better in quality but they do get really expensive which is why I am suggesting the Dazzle.
2)Buy a microphone. The sound quality will be a lot better and people will appreciate a lot more.

Now for some tips
1) Scripting- Already have what you want to say already written out. It introduces clarity in the voice and the overall idea what you want your viewers to get out of your video.
2) Scoring games- Trying to give a quantity value to a game is bullshit. You are trying the quantify quality which isn't a proper concept. Either remove the scores or make the scoring more technical.
3) Editing- Doing videos in real time have always presented a bad method of reviewing. Videos should be recorded in the form of clips. Use the clips to review and your commentary on that part of the game.
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ok, thanks for the tips. is the concept good? and do you feel that we are giving more of a walkthrough than a review?
ok, thanks for the tips. is the concept good? and do you feel that we are giving more of a walkthrough than a review?
I do. With simple editing it would feel less like a walkthrough. Only show small parts of different levels and bosses, preferably show a part relating to what you're saying at a time. For example, you're review a game and you start talking about how the controls can be a problem sometimes. While you're talking about that show a part of the game when the controls were giving you a hard time. Little stuff like that can make a bad or mediocre review video into a good, informative review. Also rating is a good idea. And just saying whether or not the game is worth buying doesn't quite go well since not every game is good or bad for everyone. Point out what type of gamers the game will be enjoyable for. Not just Hardcore and Casual, but fans of difderent types of games. Like if a shooter is a really great shooter, all sorts of gamers might enjoy it. But if it's an okay shooter, it probably will only appeal to fans of shooter games. Know what I mean?

Anyway, hope that helped.

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