wii will not turn off, accept discs or show on tv


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Jun 26, 2009
wii will not totally power up

A few weeks ago a friend of mines wii would not discharge a game disc and not video or sound to tv screen.I opened up and and manually turned the disc drive screw to remove the disc.Tried again and the drive just seemed dead,didnt know I was trying to insert a game.I ordered a new complete disc drive and installed and useing known good a/v cable and power cord.This is a non modded unit, never opened before.Plugged in cables,light is red on front,try to insert disc-power light turns green but blue around drive opening doesnt come on.cooling fan runs,press power button once,nothing happens, light stays green,hold down power button for 5 seconds and power light turns red.try to insert disc again light turns green again but still will not attempt to draw disc in.Also still no indication on tv that its getting a signal, just the blue screen saying no signal.I am doing this with the wii console battery out and the unit opened up down to the drive if that makes any difference which I doubt.Does anyone know if there have been problems with the main pc board that lays below the disc drive as this is about the only other item I think it could be? also are these board available to purchase new and where?
Thanks for any help as I cannot find help anywhere on this other than most issues are cured with replaceing the cd drive assembly.
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