Carnage Wii Master
Oct 11, 2006
Aka Keyboards....

sorry bout pun lol

Wil they be able to use them on the wii as i have one with a usb connections is that possible?
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Dam ok it jus struck me when i tried to fit this other keyboard in of mine it had a usb thing and i was lke WOW! and ye i really how it is it would help when tlkign and typing
Doesn't the DS have a feature to where you can write out the website freehand and it'll translate it into text? Maybe the Wii will have a similar feature where you just write out the text you want to be displayed in space. That would be kind of cool.
i say yes...i got a keyboard gameshark and baisicly it lets me connect a keyboard to the gamecube..and their will be gamecube controlers so why not it should work...