Wii's gun

there isnt one its a handle that attachis to the controller
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tuned said:
No... they're right. It's an attachment that holds the wiimote and nunchuck.
man you are right in that it holds the wii mote but it doesn't hold the wii nunchuck remember nunchuck is an attachment
It does hold the nunchuk, look at the back of the gun, the analog stick and trigger are the nunchuk.
edit - I meant the nunchuk features(analog stick and trigger), hopefully the nunchuk can still be attached though since red steel and metroid use it independently of the wii-mote and if you only have the shell those motions would be not as good.
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no it doesn't hold the nunchuck... again the gun has 2 parts the part for shooting and the analong and that analog u think is the analog of the gun not of the nunchuck
a picture of the gun anyone

I have a picture of the wii light gun its awsome
upload them viva imageshack.us