will there be a fee?


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May 26, 2006
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as you may of heard the wii comes with a built in internet opera

will there be a fee?
I doubt it, you can download opera for free from the net. All you need is an internet connection installed in your home (Nintendo will not pay for the internet connection;) )
I'm going with free. Nintendo has already said that their online services are going to be free (as the DS WFC is now), you won't have to pay for the internet access because you will already be paying it to your ISP
Opera for DS Lite is $80USD it might be cheaper. The only reason we have to pay for the DS Lite version is that it isn't already preloaded into the system like Wii. My signature sends u to the Opera for Nintendo site.
Yeah what i heard it that there is not going to be a fee to compit more with the ps3 and xbox360 but i doubt it... lets wait until september better!