wireless letter


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Feb 26, 2009
Hi I am new to the posts. I just ordered a wii from amazon on Sunday hoping it will get here soon. I wanted to know how important it is to hook it to the internet. I dont have wireless, but have dsl-it is a very small phone company and they say you can only use their routers to go wireless. My folks have the wireless, but my psp wont work on the system because I think it is 80211N. Is the wii run on 80211B? Sorry about so many questions--any help would be nice.
The wii works best with a mixed b/g network. It can't handle N networks so unless you can access the router and change the settings you can't use the wireless connectivity of your Wii.

You could still use a wired connection (there are people who prefer doing that anyway) but you'd have to purchase a LAN adapter first.