won't start the systemmenu. please help..


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Mar 5, 2009
today i install softmii. and my backup launcher didn't work, is give me a alot error code.
so i go in do a system reformat everything. after i reformat turn it on is go to preload v.28 screen.
has a error say "error autobooting systemmenu! ticket not found"..
even when i go in to change disable on the autobooting.
how can you uninstall the preload, or do a complete restore to is factory system?
please help me.... thanks
i have done the same my brother did a system format to load more vc games. before when i set up the preloader i did it incorrect and get the same error message im stuck in the preloader menu any help on getting back to the factory settings from here would very helpfull
if you can, upgrade to system 4.0, then do the system restore/reformat.

are you using IOS16? or the HBC?
i was able to fix this problem from the preloader menu screen (which was all i had at this point no factory installed systemmenu or hbc both were deleted)you can install the homebrew channel boot.dol file and then you can acess hbc from you use the wadmanager to reinstall the sysmenu (i got the sys wads from an iso i found online)
Aren't you all talking about something illegal? I'm pretty sure you didn't softmod it to play games you already have.

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