Words you associate with WiiChatters


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May 15, 2006
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Sovieto: russia, piranha
deity_link: majora's mask, purple
squall7: final fantasy, gunblade
surfinrach: beach, board, england
almo: elmo
scream: ghost, scary movie
minto: tic tac
The_Loose_Cannon: law, moderator, gun
Battles: stadium
Dumbass_Luigi: mario party, pipe
Darkprinny: penguin, black, wrestling
lee.jarratt: england, jason
Brawny: ski, water, reputation
Wiired: weird, wired, unwired
Byuakuya: final fantasy, rpg

Note: I do not in any way mean to offend any of the WiiChat members mentioned above; it's only a board game and words that I associate with you. It does not suggest the way I think of you either.

I'll post up some more as I think of them later. If you reply to this thread and you aren't already on the list, I'll add you to it. ;)
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you forgot someone! :ihih:

and don't say cop or cop related that's so obvious!
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Everyone: Feel free to add your own. The point of this thread is to share words/things that you associate with other Wii Chat members' usernames.
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Battles: ....Uhh....Challenges?......or Fighter?

Also, what does pipe mean?....I don't think I have any thing to do with a pipe.
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Dumbass_Luigi said:
Also, what does pipe mean?....I don't think I have any thing to do with a pipe.
In Mario Party 1, there's a level with lots of green pipes and my sister played as Luigi all the time on that level. :lol:
Gahhh...he missed tyler and Adam. :(

How's jill the only one of us three on the list?

and if you mention rep....I dunno what I'd do to you. Nothing good, that's for sure.